Our CSR & Breast Cancer Research

Supporting Charities

Through your purchases we have been able to donate to some wonderful charities including Bliss, Child bereavement, Smile with Shiv which is a children’s muscular dystrophy charity and of course breast cancer research.

Since our first ever donation in 2016 of a humble £200 from a school Christmas fair, we are proud to have raised over £20,000 for breast cancer research solely through your purchases. 

In March 2020, at the start of the COVID pandemic, we raised over £1400 for vital PPE for our amazing NHS keyworkers in local hospitals and clinics, as there was such a huge shortage of masks and gloves.

Our charity of choice is the Mount Vernon Marie Curie Research Wing Trust, as this hospital treated my father & sister with such dignity and compassion whilst they were going through their respective treatments for lung & breast cancer.

We will continue to raise money as the year progresses through sales of our products. 

All that is needed is funding for research. It’s this research that may have saved my sister and could have saved my Dad who also had cancer but unfortunately he passed before the treatment was available.

I hope with your support via your purchase we can help in some small way to paving a path to a cancer free world, as we donate a percentage of your sale EVERY SINGLE TIME you spend!

I realise these are big aspirations, and this has become a social mission for me, but as a famous man once said “I have a dream” and this is OUR dream and together we can find a cure, and this dream cannot be realised without you all! Cancer can happen to anyone, my loved ones, or yours, so let’s all support breast cancer research and help save some lives!

The sad start to this story has a present story of hope, and a future story of curing cancer, so I hope you enjoy your browsing and shopping on our website! Consider it guilt free!

With love, 

Rubina xx

Jack Harvey London - Founder